About us

Information about PNN Pharmaceuticals

Our company was established in 2008 and realizes the idea of separation from the pharmaceutical warehouse that has existed since 1996 and has distributed drugs on OTC market and hospital health service.

Pharmaceuticals represents the direction the company is heading. Mainly, PNN focuses on distribution drugs in hospital health service as well as in pharmaceutical market.

The choice of people who has created the company was not a coincidence. They are fully qualified experts that have extensive knowledge of:

  • pharmacy (pharmaceutical law, pharmacovigilance, licences, registrations, parallel import),
  • tenders (tender dossier, hospital monitoring),
  • finance, logistics, contracts.

As the high standard of our activities is very important to us, we hire qualified and experienced people for contacts with the offices and the Ministry of Health. We own the wholesale warehouse and knowledge and experience we gained in the previous company we use in PNN Pharmaceuticals, cooperating with outsourcing companies and firms which specialize in different fields (marketing, transport, logistics etc.).